Originally from Shanghai, China, I'm a multimedia journalist practicing visual storytelling across various platforms in the United States.

When I need to capture subtle details to advance the narrative of a story, I turn to photography. Elements within the still frame, composition, color or exposure, are personal to me. 

When a story is action-packed, emotionally compelling or visually interesting, videos are my go-to medium as I'm constantly looking for creative ways to shoot and edit. I draw inspiration from documentaries, feature films and even anime.

If I feel more context or clarity is needed for a well-rounded story, I'll use graphics and maps to visualize trends or make comparisons. 

Photo by Meiying Wu

Photo by Meiying Wu

I believe that good visual storytelling has no clear boundary. The act itself is ultimately about what's effective for the audience and what's not. The thoughtful decision-making and visual astuteness that apply to filmmaking, documentaries or animations also serve as sources of inspirations for photography, videography and graphics.

Graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism in 2017, I'm currently pursuing a master's degree in journalism at UC Berkeley.

Besides being in the endless cycle of pitching, reporting and producing, I watch football(soccer), analyze films and photograph what catches my eye.